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the graphics are really beautiful. I have a couple of issues jumping over the trees, it gets stuck at the top. Also, some music in the background won't hurt. Just an idea. ;)


I think the gravity is a little too high, but otherwise, great job!

The world falling bug is pretty fun! Maybe is related to the change in the line of horizon if you climb a tree and jump every 5 secs without leave the treetop?

Man i really liked the graphics and the efects in the distance view when you jump. Is quite pretty!

The graphics looks nice. The parallax effect in primis. The auto-jump feature is a little unusual but it could be a distinctive feature.

There's a small bug: reach the top of the second tree, then go foward step by step till you fall down.. down,down down out of the world :)

I have never seen this bug before 0_o
I'll try to fix it!

Please keep it up and fix the control, the hero jumps very often and it's difficult to play :)

I like how it looks btw!

Thanks for the game :)

Thank you for your great creation!

I have fixed the jump. It's playable for me, but I'm not sure it is playable for others.